In this section it is possible to view the rules created by the euflyVirtual Team.
We have tried to insert few rules which allow to fly freely but also allow us to manage better this virtual airline.
Sending the request for application to euflyVirtual, means that the following rules are implicitly and completely accepted.
ART.1 - euflyVirtual is a virtual airline founded and managed throught non-profit criteria, not bound to any kind of trade agreement with third parties. The VA will not ever ask our members to pay sums of money, therefore, any request to do so by anyone, should be ignored.
ART.2 - euflyVirtual carries out its activities in flight simulation and the primary objectives is the entertainment, whether in the form of pure entertainment and also spread and deepen the knowledge in aeronautics.
To carry out managerial and organizational aspects the Team operate inside.
ART.3 - The entire contents of the site is protected by euflyVirtual copyright. Is forbidden emulation and the use of texts, images and software contained in it, without permission of the Team. All material made available to the pilots, will be considered for exclusive use for flight simulation and can not be used in any way for real world.
ART.4 - The pilot can download freeware aircrafts (with panels and sounds) from the “Fleet” section, otherwise he can use commercial add-ons and download (if available) our official livery. The Team will provide assistance throught the Forum, only for his own products.
ART.5 - To become a member of the euflyVirtual crew it is necessary to follow the instructions reported in "SignUp" page. To subscribe as pilot in euflyVirtual you must be minimum age of 18 years old and you have to pass an admission test to check your flight capabilities.
Your personal data will be treated according “Italian Law” 675 of 1996 to safe privacy, as amended, and your e-mail address will be used exclusively by Team for personal comms.
Entering false data, if that were to be established, will result in the cancellation of the application for entry, or immediately cancellation of the pilot if the impropriety might emerge if the pilot is already taken.
ART.6 - After application the pilot will be allowed to enter the Forum, which represents the main communication tool between users and company. In internet there are rules of behavior, otherwise known as “Netiquette”, which is always good to follow.
euflyVirtual believes that mutual respect between users and between them and those who manage the company, is key to peacefully pursue the common interest.
For this reason we ask members to pay special attention to the following, but remember that for the contents of each message solely responsible is the author:
-- there shall be no direct form of commercial advertising and banners via messages, which are present in the signature or profile. Clearly we can exchange opinions and express thoughts on this or that commercial product;
-- not allowed to enter the content of messages, whether text, images or links, and covers topics relating to the theme of pornography, the spread of illegal software and piracy in general, as well as any other activities that conflict with existing laws;
-- is forbidden to undertake discussions on political and religious. Will not be tolerated insults and claims of superiority, which are related to race, ethnicity or religion, as well as any other form of discrimination;
-- will not be tolerated insults directed at other users, any disagreements will be resolved privately;
-- new messages should be included in relevant sections but before is right to do a quick search through the forums to check that the argument was not already discussed;
-- the team tries to keep track of the activities of the Forum, but it may happen that one or more messages / threads that do not comply with the above rules escape monitoring. In this case it is a right and duty of users to communicate any violation by sending an e-mail to or via private message. The Team reserves the right to delete messages and / or discussions in clear violation of the Rules and also to block / delete the account of the author.
ART.7 - Pilots have to use flight plans available in the "Timetable" or, if not yet available, proceed to route planning, paying particular attention to choice correct Flight Level, which must be adapted to the route length and the operational characteristics of the aircraft used.
ART.8 - The timetable is divided into sections EU, USA, ASIA and CARGO. The accessibility to see the Timetable by pilots may be “full” or “partial”. These restrictions depend of pilot’s rank and/or pilot’s type ratings.
ART.9 - The pilot must fly at least two (2) flights per month. These two flights can be flown offline only if the pilot’s flown hours will be under 50.
If the pilot can’t accomplish these two flights he must immediately inform the Team that will set him in "Expectation" for required period.
ART.10 - If the pilot doesn’t respect previous ART.9, he will be removed from the pilot roster and from the Forum. To start again his euflyVirtual pilot career, the pilot will have to start all over again. This choice is desired by the Team since not consider important the number of subscriptions but their activity.
ART.11 - The offline is allowed up to 50 hours flown, this to give way to less experienced pilots to become familiar with the flight online. Reached this limit will not be possible to fly offline.
In front of potential challenges represented by the pilots, the Team can still authorize the offline flight beyond this limit.
ART.12 - In online flights the simulation speed should be set to 1x (criterion provided by VATSIM). The pilot, by choice and under its responsibility may decide to fly the flights at speeds exceeding that logically will be entitled to a credit of hours equal to the time actually flown. The Team recommends the VATSIM server and the Italian reference VATITA reachable at, where is available all the material required to fly in the network.
ART.13 - After choosing and flown a flight from the Timetable, it is necessary to send the Pirep. Be careful to include the date that the flight has been started. It is not mandatory to follow departure times indicated on the Timetable, must nevertheless comply with the "Flight Time" never exceeded that provided for the route.
Any unexpected (alternate or holding), especially in online flying with ATC, should be mentioned in the Pirep, "Note" section.
If pirep contain errors regarding the date and / or duration of the flight, and / or the airports of departure / destination with a specified callsign, and / or aircraft type do not coincide with those reported for the same flight on Timetable, the same will be deleted.
ART.14 - In the section “Flight Dispatch” reports have highlighted the last, as well as in the “Fight Dispatch” => “Online Vatsim” and from the Home Page you can see in real time eufly flights. A pilot prepares to fly should always make sure that it intends to execute is not already been done the same day by other users, with an aircraft bearing the same brands / callsign (unless the aircraft has completed the rotation). In such cases, it would be more logical and desirable option for the many other alternatives in the Timetable.
ART.15 - The pilot can request three tests:
- Rank Test, which allows him to reach the rank of Senior Captain, though his career has flown with only one type of plane (es. ATR72);
- Type Rating, for B767-300, B747-400 and MD-11;
- Approval for Long Range flights.

JUNIOR OFFICER (1/50 flown hours)
May employ the aircraft in the fleet, choosing between ATR72, A320, MD-82 e B737-500/800.
Upon reaching the 50 hour flight passes automatically to the position of "Second Officer”.

SECOND OFFICER (50/150 flown hours)
Can take the aircraft Boeing 727-200 Cargo
May seek to obtain type rating for B767-300 to use non-ER (Extended Range).
Reaching the 150 hours of flight may choose whether to continue the remains in a position lined or ask to take the exam for the passage to the rank of “First Officer”.

FIRST OFFICER (150/300 flown hours)
May seek to obtain type rating for B767-300 if not already obtained in the rank of “Second Officer”.
May seek to obtain type rating for MD-11.
May seek to achieve certification for Long Range flights.
Reaching the 300 hours of activity can decide whether to continue to fly over or remains in a position to take the exam scheduled for the rank of “Captain”.

CAPTAIN (above 300 flown hours)
May seek to obtain type rating for B767-300 if not already obtained in the rank of “Second Officer” or “First Officer”.
May seek to obtain type rating for MD-11 if not already obtained in the rank of “First Officer”.
May seek to obtain type rating for B747-400.
May seek to achieve certification for Long Range flights if not already obtained the rank of “First Officer”.
Reaching the 700 hours of activity in rank, will automatically acquire the status of “SENIOR CAPTAIN”.
ART.16 - The Team can add flight hours for a constant pilot activity and for the partecipation to organised events inside euflyVirtual.
ART.17 - euflyVirtual consist of a limited pilot number. A pilot that, for any reason, don’t want to fly with us anymore can request to to be immediately deleted. This is to enable us to satisfy other possible application for registration.
ART.18 - About what is not expressly present in this rule or for strange or casual situations first of all use common sense, secondly respect the univocal Team decision.
             the Team, 2009-09-15
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